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Learn With Homer - App Review

Learn with Homer is a child's app curated to spark the imagination & learning of a child, with learning, songs, poetry, books & much more! Ho,ER is proven to boost scores by 74% WOW!  
As noted on the homer website: "study found that children who used Learn with Homer for just 15 minutes per day nearly doubled their scores on tests of phonological awareness, the skill that is the strongest predictor of later reading ability. While all children scored similarly on all areas of the pre-test, by the post-test students who used the Homer Method significantly out-paced the students who did not."
When I first downloaded Homer, I was very excited to see what this new app would offer,  that other apps did not. I was pleasantly surprised with I did find!
To my surprise, Learn with Homer was a lot smoother, easier to navigate thru and  actually offered what I was looking for in a learning app. This app contains Classical nursery rhymes & books, around the world lessons (my son loves these), recording your own voice, drawing, and much more!
The app is designed to have 4 separate accounts for any additional children you may have, instead of just 1-3 child slots that I've seen from the other apps. 

I highly recommend this app, its not expensive to purchase.
In fact, it's my favorite learning app and my children love it too!

***Currently you can download homer at a no risk free trial here:

* Please note: I was not compensated for this review. All opnions are my own. This post is not endorsed by learn with homer. 

Let's explore what Homer has to offer:

Drawing, I wish there were more stamps. I'm positive as Homer begins to grow & develop this will happen! My Daughter loves to draw & the stamps are her favorite! Ver easy for an adult to navigate thru, I did have to show my 4 year old that the feather was used to draw with at first.

This is the Piegon Post office! This is super neat as children can receive packages of exclusive content to download sometimes, it's a lesson, a song or book. This is my daughters favorite feature of the app, besides the drawing.
I will say I found this to be very nifty your child can write back to any post card they recieve, In the Piegon post office and customize it, with their photo, recorded voice, drawing, and one of the adorable pre-loaded stamps.

Pretty cool! I love this feature! my daughter loves the Piegon post! Not only does Homer improve reading but. Writing as well!

Here you see we have numerous books when you click each indivual book it'll show all the books that are related to the category you chose.

Example: Poetry has a lot of really great childrens poetry, you the parent can download them all or just a few!
Same goes with the songs!

Over all I am very pleased with what Homer has to offer and so are my children! Homer is the best learning app I've come across! my kids are always asking to play with Homer! Homer is a delighting app for kids of all ages! 

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cariluvs said…
Great post!
cariluvs said…
I have to try this App!

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