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Sproutkin Beta Test - App Review

Sproutkin emailed me to be one of the first of many to test their Beta App.

Sproutkins Beta App is a children's virtual library of books, A lot of books had already been preloaded. I was given the option to also buy the books & subscribe. This app didn't contain all the books I was looking for, You can search for books, but most weren't showing up.

I love the concept of the app, Right now there is no read to me option. That will come later as the app grows & develops. My oldest child, He loved reading the books that were available to him. Most of the books, he has never heard of and enjoyed discovering new content to indulge his love of reading.

Currently the app is free, I am not sure when it grows & develops if they will charge users to use the app. 

Perks of the app:
Pre-loaded books
Lots of books to pick through
Easy to navigate
Runs smoothly

Some books are rather expensive
No read to me option 
It keeps asking me to subscribe on the app (I am already)
Lots of books are not searchable as they are not available yet.
Sometimes pages take about 5 minutes to load.

I have high hopes for the app, I cannot wait for it to grow and develop and offer more in terms of more books, the read to me option and the subscribing feature gets fixed.

Overall I am very pleased and so is my oldest child with what the app has to offer.


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