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Harvest Moon - The Lost Valley

Those who preorder got this collectible puppy, you'll see this exact puppy in the game! I received this puppy!

NEW in the series of Harvest Moon, Is the NEW HARVEST MOON Game which debuted in the U.S. a few days ago. At a retail price of $30.00. The NEW Harvest Moon game is only playable on the 2DS & 3DS. Harvest Moon is newly designed in a way of digging like you see in the ever popular game Mine Craft, The Animals are newly designed and much more! This game is designed  for EVERYONE, any one can play this fun game!

 When I first started playing I found it frustrating the begining was long but of course you need the tutorial in the begining to know what to do. What also frustrated me was the fact that there was nothing to do in the beginning except wake up, sleep plant and water crops. I'm very used to the last two Harvest Moon games A New beginning and A tale of two towns.
 In this NEW game you have to have to build your barn, chicken coop, and decor. What's new in this game is the windmill, fertilizer bin, bridges, mystery lumber, digging, crops, new charcters, ability to create water paths, new mines Harvest God and Underworld God.
Meeting the underworld God.

 What's the same is the animals, having the harvest goddess, fishing & moving your buildings

 The story line is that you have to restore the valley and the 4 seasons. By doing so you have to collect the crystals for the Harvest Goddess, by doing certain tasks. Most tasks take awhile to collect, Like getting the crystals from the Harvest God & Underworld God. the Underworld God was by far the longest to collect a crystal from. He is a grumpy charcter who isn't willing to give up the crystal so fast, you need to collect special seeds in order to obtain it. In this game you'll meet many fun charcters! Many who will help achieve your tasks! You'll also get to participate in fun festivals. Like cooking and fishing festivals!

I've found that,  Water & planting crops takes forever!!! I'm hoping as I advance in the game is what I saw in the last installment of Harvest Moon the ability to plant and water all at once in one quick motion. Overall it's a cute game with lots to offer, & hours of game play. as I advanced further I became less frustrated and found to truly enjoy the game, So much so my husband just went out to buy it earlier. I give it a rating of 4.5/5.0


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