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Influenster - What's all the buzz about?


Before I dive into what I LOVE about Influenster, for my readers who are sitting in their chairs thinking....well what the heck is influenster?? Let me introduce you!

 About Influenster:

 Influenster is a vast community of trendsetters, social media socialites, consumers, and people who love giving out real, honest reviews on some totally awesome products! Influensters get to review real products, most they use day to day, take surveys to unlock badges, and get a chance to try out new products. 

This company invites their most active users to get in on this campaigns, Such as the VoxBoxes where you get full or deluxe sized items, participate in online comtests, twitter parties, voxperks and on top of that you are the voice, You are the influencer! If you haven't signed up yet for Influenster, Let me show you around! 


Badges are unlocked when you complete reviews on the Influenster site, surveys and your VoxBox campaigns! 
It does take a little bit of time for them to approve badges as there are TONS of Trendsetters they have to review. So don't expect your badge (s) immediately. I bet they drink a lot of coffee!!! I sure would be!


Voxperks are exclusive deals On brands you love, exclusive just for Influensters, like your self!

Impact Score: 

The higher the score, the bigger the impact, the more likely you can get into programs! 

NOW!! Let's dive into the awesomeness that is... Influenster!

I love Influenster because.....

I have had the opportunity to try and review many great products, From many wonderful brands. I have influenced the desicion of others with my reviews to purchase a product. I know for myself, I love reading reviews before I buy, it's what influences to purchase.

Not only that, I get a chance to really connect with these brands, with other people that also love to influence others and try and review products. It's not also just about the products, I also love that I get exclusive discount offers, I love watching my impact score rise, just knowing how much I get to get deep down and connect the world with my opnions means a lot. To say the least I love being an Influenster.

What's my favorite VOXBOX?

I believe this one was the roses are red VoxBox from 2013.

This box was totally awesome ^^^ look at all those goodies!!! My favorite item from the box was the Kiss Gradation nail polish! I never tried this product before, So it was a real treat! I have to say I recommend this product to this day, it's a nail kit to get the gradation look, It also comes in a variety of colors. My 2nd favorite item was the Dr.Scholls Cushions for her, these seriously rocked my feet! I've never felt such comfort, Big time relief on my feet. I asked myself, Why? Why didn't you try this prior? I'm glad I had a chance to try, review and influence every product in this box. The Lindt chocolate from this box is to die for! It's a rich, very creamy, and delicious chocolate truffle, What can I say I am hooked. You know what else I am hooked on? Belivta Breakfast Bisquits, they go so well with my morning coffee or on the go! And lastly Rimmel London cosmetics! I love Rimmel Cosmetics, affordable makeup that fits my budget.

My other 2 favorite VoxBoxes in the past were the RIMMEL London Stay Matte Foundation. I got the product before it even hit shelves. Also, The In a Snap venus razor VoxBox. The venus snap razor was a tiny, portable on the go razor, Which I loved! I have bought more and keep 1 in my glove box and 1 in my purse at all times!

Also if you complete your tasks for the VoxBox you were selected for, recieved, reviewed and tested you can also have the chance to win some sweet loot! I've won 3 influensters prizes from completing all of my tasks, from 2 different VoxBoxes! Which is a great incentive, it's like a very much appreciated Thanks for a stellar report,  and hard work on being a big influencer. But those who complete all required tasks have a chance to win these amazing prizes! Usually it's a small number of winners like 1-40 that've seen so far, but still that rocks! 

What I also love about Influenster is the Twitter Parties, I get a chance to connect with other influensters, have a chance to win prizes and I get to know more things about the brand that is featured in the Twitter party. Twitters parties usually an hour or so, they really fun!!!!

This is how I Influenster ^^^ That's right! That's my totally awesome Influenster mug!

I've gotten a few VoxBoxes in the past. Nothing recently, Most of my VoxBoxes now are virtual VoxBoxes. But that's ok, Even with virtual VoxBoxes I can still influence with my opnions.

What Others are saying about Influenster:

"Influenster is a great program if you love reviewing products" - Michelle L.

"I never get many VoxBoxes, but when I do I am sure to spread around my opnions of the products!" - Anyomous 

"If you haven't signed up yet, I recommend you do, it's a great program with tons to offer." - Jennifer

Interested in signing up? 

Follow Influenster on Social Media:

You can also subscribe/watch all of my Influenster unboxings/reviews on YouTube:

Remember this is not a freebie site, Don't expect to sign up and just get freebies! You have to be active on the site and on social media and you do have to review each product, share and recommend Influenster and the products you recieve, share on social networks, keep active, and do the required post-experience survey. If you don't, than you won't eligible for programs. 


• THIS IS A SPONSORED POST; INFLUENSTER PROVIDED [Rimmel Cosmetics, Dr.Scholls, Belvita, Lindt Chocolates & Kiss Gradation kit] TO ME AS A MEMBER OF INFLUENSTER.COM

Influenster & InfluensterApp


cariluvs said…
SWEET! I think I just might join! Thanks for the review.
Kelly OMalley said…
That's really neat. I like to review products, and help to influence, or at least share, what I have learned with my friends. I think this looks right up my alley. Thank you.

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