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MilkSplash - Review

Turns ordinary milk into extraordinary milk!

Milk....... As a mom and trying to get my children to drink their milk....(not the milk from cereal bowls) But regular milk has always been a chore. They don't care to drink milk unless it's flavored. Flavored milks, powders, and syrups are very high in sugar. I know as a mom, I don't need OR want to add in all that extra sugar in my childs diet. Like they really need more sugar! MilkSplash doesn't have a high amount of sugar in their liquid which is great, now I don't need to worry about added sugar in my childs diet. With Milksplash you can boost the flavor of your milk with exciting flavors and enjoy it too! Milk is important in everyone's diet, there's many benefits to drinking milk. Like stronger bones, increased energy, relaxes and soothes (when warmed) etc. 

One day I came across Milk Splash in my local Walmart store, I picked up 1 of every flavor. Would these be any good I thought? I wonder if my kids would like these flavors? 

Jammin Banana
Cookies & Cream
Orange Cream Dream

(copyrighted to Milksplash)

(Really disappointed there was NO vanilla flavoring, it's been a year I am still looking forward to them putting out vanilla! They did release a new flavor, we haven't tried it yet, it's not avaliable widely...yet)

I really do have to say the flavors were seriously amazing....seriously! Who was the genius behind this!!!???  I loved the Orange cream dream! It tasted just like a dreamsicle! My 4 children are big I mean HUGE fans of the cookies & cream and banana flavors! Of course this is great, they can drink milk and actually enjoy it too. Plus it's fun for the kids! They loved watching their milk turn orange, yellow and pink! You can even mix 2 flavors, Just think Strawberry Banana YUM or Chocolate Orange! 

Many people will argue that their ingredients are not safe, I personally am fine with the ingredients. Plus, milk splash is planning to come out with artificial free ingredients & coloring, for those concerned with ingredients and the artificial flavors. Which is great my daughter is allergic to certain dyes, so of course this is brilliant they are planning to release an artificial free line! 

(CopyRighted to Milksplash) look at all those benefits of milk!

MilkSplash doesn't only have to be for your milk. There's many other uses you can use milk splash for! Add it in your cakes, milk shakes, cereal, cheesecakes etc. to give it that oomph of extra flavoring!

My kids love pudding pops so I decided we should try adding milk splash too that!

Just take vanilla pudding mix it as directed by the box
add your milk splash (ANY flavor about 15 drops) mix into pudding
 Pour into a Popsicle mold (I prefer a silicone mold)
freeze for 5 hours or until firm and enjoy!

They loved the pops! We made ours using the Cookies & Cream Milk Splash

If you haven't tried Milksplash yet, you should! It's sold at mass merchandisers for a retail price of $3.89
Great delicous flavors for all!!! If I had one thing to say to Milk Splash.... Please come out with vanilla Milksplash.....please. 
Connect with MilkSplash Here!!! Don't forget to mention Reviews of a busy mom sent you!!


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