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Glam ST App - Review

The Glam ST App was a BLAST!!! I am SO excited to her with you my experience with this app!!!

 I had soooo much fun testing out different looks with App, With over 30 design options, I was able too see what different looks looked best or worst for me. I spent several hours playing around with this app and taking selfies. It was very easy to line up the dots to frame my face, lips and eyes to achieve the perfect look that this app offers. I also LOVED that it showed which make up would be use for each individual look and the price to afford the make up look. I however enjoyed this app so much I recommend any one to download it!

A few of my looks from the Glam ST app!

Fun Facts about creators of Glam ST App:

The two women co-founders, telematics engineers from Uruguay, South America. As women engineers in a male-dominated world, they decided to bring innovation to a problem women face everyday: choosing make that's best for you and spotting the latest trends. 

Glam ST began their  start-up 2.5 years ago, when they were finishing their engineering degrees from university. They started it as a project and then transformed it into their business and passion for the last couple of years. 

Create fun looks! Choose your price from low - high.

You can  download the app here: Get The App

Follow the company here:

Facebook Follow them here

I had a blast reviewing this app it was a TON of FUN to try out makeup looks that I normally wouldn't of and its great too see which looks work for me and which looks don't! I hope you have a blast with this app, Like I did XO


Kelly OMalley said…
LOL that is funny. It would be a great way to try out different looks. Made me giggle too, thanks.