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Bay Buy

( photo credit for this blog post are not mine they are from the site )

Bay Buy, Is a pretty sweet website offering many unique, handy items for children, women, men, household and more! All of the items are affordable. Upon searching this website I found some super neat items that caught my attention. These items are on my list to purchase.

Like this Handy Keg. This container is pretty cool and would be great for picnics.

This Keg sells for $7.65

Chalk Wall Sticker. My kids would have a blast with a chalk wall. Plus I wouldn't have to worry about cleaning up the mess! They also have more home decor at Bay Buy

The Wall sticker sells for $5.50

Sabon Body Scrub - There is a wide variety and selection of body scrubs and hygenie products, Most are a fraction of what you'd pay for in store.
This Body Scrub sells for $37.00

Bimba Kidz Wherlee - This Wherlee is pretty neat, I can see my daughter begging for one. It looks durable & sustainable. There are 4 colors to choos from: Red, Green, Blue & Purple.
Bumbarger Kidz Wherlee sells for $26.00
Furniture Transporter - If you're like me and move your furniture often, Than these are for you!
Furniture Transporter sells for $9.58
On the website you can create an account, Make a wish list of all the items you love.  Any orders and returns you must make can be simply made by submitting a form to Customer Service. I also love how considerate and compassionate  Bay Buy is towards their customer, After all customers are their top priority!

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