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Trimino - Protein Infused Water

I recently was winner in a Fitness infused giveaway, Hosted by Trimino. Which was perfect timing I was in the process of losing weight. In my winning package I won a gift card which my husband gladly took, and a case of all 4 Trimino flavors, I was not expecting the water. But before I start I was not chosen as the winner to blog this nor did Trimino pay me to blog about their product. This blog post is solely my own doing because I fell in LOVE with the water, I am even highly considering purchasing a case or 2 of my favorite water.... Peach!

Peach was the first flavored I tried, it was sweet, Keep in mind Trimino has NO SUGAR in the water so I was surprised at how delicious this flavor was and I also wondered how many succulent peaches went into the process of making such a great flavor. My next flavor I tried  was Strawberry - Lemonade of course I mis-read the label and thought it strictly said Strawberry, so of course when I took a swig. I said that's good but taste like lemon…

Dial Children's Hand Soap & Baby Wash.

Gentle and kind for babies skin, That's what the 2 in 1 Dial Baby Shampoo & Body Wash delivers. No harsh chemicals and its hypoallergenic to deliver the gentlest wash avalible for babies! Upon using this product it lathered up nicely so I didn't have too use as much, I've had issues with other brands feeling too watery. I am also loving that it's 2 products in 1 which cuts down bath time for that fussy baby in half!  Dial baby wash is suitable for children ages 0-2. This 2 in 1 comes with an affordable price tag and is available at mass retailers.

Next up we have the Children's has wash, this smelled like watermelon bubblegum, My kids enjoyed the fact they had their very own handwash. I love the kid friendly bottle, it's small enough for little hands. My kids loved the foaming action and enjoyed washing away the icky germs! This is another excellent item geared to little ones, This also comes with an affordable price tag and available at Mass Retailers!


#Influenster #YSLMascara

This Mascara was provided by Influenster for unbiased honest review. *i did not receive any compensation* I have always struggled to find the perfect mascara, for years I struggled. Most mascaras either gave me flat lashes, spiky lashes, hard as cement lashes, I could go on and on about the disadvantages I have had for years with hundreds of brands of mascaras. So of course when the oppurtunity arose for the YSL Mascara I was very excited! I have been using the YSL Mascara about a month now, I am honestly hooked! The advantages of the mascara for myself have been:

 Soft Lashes
 Full lashes
 Great coverage
 Provides Curls

 The formula in the mascara is amazing these are the benefits I have been longing for! Of course this mascara is a little pricey, That has not stopped me from recommending to everyone I know! I know a few people who took me up on my recommendation and honestly are amazed at the results and how awesome this mascara has been! Below is a link to check out all the YLS ma…