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This Mascara was provided by Influenster for unbiased honest review. *i did not receive any compensation* I have always struggled to find the perfect mascara, for years I struggled. Most mascaras either gave me flat lashes, spiky lashes, hard as cement lashes, I could go on and on about the disadvantages I have had for years with hundreds of brands of mascaras. So of course when the oppurtunity arose for the YSL Mascara I was very excited! I have been using the YSL Mascara about a month now, I am honestly hooked! The advantages of the mascara for myself have been:

 Soft Lashes
 Full lashes
 Great coverage
 Provides Curls

 The formula in the mascara is amazing these are the benefits I have been longing for! Of course this mascara is a little pricey, That has not stopped me from recommending to everyone I know! I know a few people who took me up on my recommendation and honestly are amazed at the results and how awesome this mascara has been! Below is a link to check out all the YLS mascaras, Purchase one today feel and notice the difference. I promise you won't go back to your old drugstore mascara!

Purchase YSL Macara!!

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