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Trimino - Protein Infused Water

I recently was winner in a Fitness infused giveaway, Hosted by Trimino. Which was perfect timing I was in the process of losing weight. In my winning package I won a gift card which my husband gladly took, and a case of all 4 Trimino flavors, I was not expecting the water. But before I start I was not chosen as the winner to blog this nor did Trimino pay me to blog about their product. This blog post is solely my own doing because I fell in LOVE with the water, I am even highly considering purchasing a case or 2 of my favorite water.... Peach!


Peach was the first flavored I tried, it was sweet, Keep in mind Trimino has NO SUGAR in the water so I was surprised at how delicious this flavor was and I also wondered how many succulent peaches went into the process of making such a great flavor. My next flavor I tried  was Strawberry - Lemonade of course I mis-read the label and thought it strictly said Strawberry, so of course when I took a swig. I said that's good but taste like lemonade,  that incident was clearly cleared up after I put my glasses on and re-read. The Strawberry-Lemonade was also a delicious flavor, not my favorite but still very good. Next up we have Mixed Berry a delicious sweet mix of succulent berries, Tart in flavor. Lastly, We have coconut, I however am allergic to coconut. So I let my brother take a swing at this one. He couldn't believe a water infused with protein would taste as delicious as trimino, he became an instant fan! In fact the gym in town actually started carrying trimino due to numerous requests < one of them being my brother, oh and my self!

Overall, Trimino is an amazing product to have handy at the gym or wherever you work out. Trimino is a protein infused water to give you that added boost of energy! You and out more by visiting or check out their Facebook page here TRIMINO ON FACEBOOK :)

Try it for your self you WON'T be disappointed! 

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