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Loyalty/Ambassador Programs! Join Today!

Loyalty Programs are fun, you do tasks like sharing a tweet, reading an article or participating in a fun photo challenge to rack up points. The points in which you than can use towards certain things like gift cards, throws, key chains, gym memberships, the brands products etc. You're basically "working" your way by collecting points, with those points once you've sccumulated enough you can turn those points into a "prize".

I've gotten some really awesome things from these programs, So far I've received Purell hand sanitizer, Skinny Cow hoodie, coupons, free Coca Cola, Purina Cat chow pillow, purina cat chow blanket and a $10 gift card.

Below are Loyalty Programs. Easy to gather points and Easy Sign up.

Lays Chips Ambassador Program Join Earn points for sweet swag + a chance to win $10,000

Dial Rewards Earn Rewards, play for prizes and earn points. Use code S8002 to earn 500 points!

Purell Loyalty Program - Click articles and share a tweet daily to ac…

Target Beauty Box

Target Beauty boxes are a fun, affordable way to try new products without breaking the bank! Every so often Target releases these $5.00 (20-38 value) boxes. They tend to sell fast and it's quite easily too see why! This box is actually currently sold out!
This box came packed with a wide variety of products to get you ready for BACK TO SCHOOL! This box is the Head of the class box, I am currently awaiting the Honor Roll Box!

 If you never tried a Target Beauty Box, Nows your chance to try one one! You can win 1 below, there will be 1 winner in this fantastic contest!

Entry-Form This giveaway is open to all; except Alaska & Hawaii. All entries ARE verified. Winner will be notified via email. Once confirmed & verified, winner will be announced on this blog. Prize will ship within 1 week after closing.

Nightfood - Review # 2

If you're a night time snacker like myself you are rooted into eating nightly. Until recently I found out about nightfoodI even blogged about that experience.Nightfood has been fantastic and a healthier option for me. Packed with only the good stuff it doesn't keep up all night, whereas other unhealthy, high in sugar snacks do. Now when I bite into one of these tasty bars, I don't feel guilty.
So, What is Nightfood!?! Nightfood satisfies nighttime cravings, delicious, high in fiber & protein, plus it aids in the support of better sleep. Nightfood was made to curb / satisfy your hunger at night.

So how's it taste?

Midnight Crunch, to me taste like one of those chocolate eclair ice creams, Without all the sugar, of course, It's very, very good. No chalky tastes, no weird after taste. I really enjoyed this flavor!!!
Now with all that I need a years supply to aid my night time cravings! Night food is fantastic, affordable, & delicious.
Try it! You won't be disap…

Olive Box

I am excited to introduce my readers OliveBox! A subscription service! As a member you will receive a delightful, crafted box of paper & lifestyle products delivered right to your front door each & every month. From cards to artwork to inspiring books, even fabulous gifting ideas, as a subscriber you never know what exciting products you will unwrap each month. Each box will have a surprise theme and will include goodies that have been transformed by the beauty of paper. Olive Box offers a wide variety of single boxes, many are curated, crafted and fun! They offer boxes such as the birthday box, nautical gift box, love card set, cat lover set, The cat lover set would be ideal for me I love cats, There are many more boxes they offer.

You can gift these boxes or even get 1 or 2 for yourself! All boxes sell for $35.00per box. You can subscribe with a vast majority of monthly subscriptions 1,3,6, or 12 month subscriptions. Olive will scour & search the market and pick the be…

Dial Rewards

Dial Rewards is a NEW & EXCITING program. Let's dive into what this new innovation program has to offer:

Use this unique code: S8002 . This code is redeemable for 500 points! To redeem just click Earn and Enter Code!!!

Earn rewards; Earning rewards is fast, fun and easy. By completing simple tasks. Like Daily sign ins, watching a video, taking a survey, entering codes and much more. Once you complete activities, points are deposited into your account. 

Points are like currency, In this case you can earn points by entering sweepstakes or playing an instant win game. Point spendature varies on each sweepstakes and instant win game. You can play games until you reach your point or play limit. You can also do them daily, if you have enough points available. 

Right now they have great sweepstakes and instant win games going on right now. From great retailers like Gap, Home Depot, PLUS you can win $1,000. 


Boxycharm - July 2015

Boxycharm summertime Radness box                                            

GoPicnic Lucy's Chocolate Chip Cookies - Review

GoPicnic is based in Chicago, Founded in 2006. They specialize in portable, nutritious, very tasty ready to go, ready to eat breakfast, lunch & snacks. GoPicnic, Also has a mission to prevent Hungry one meal at a time! What makes GoPicnic foods better than the rest? They are packed with Fiber, Proteins, Grains, Calories and they taste great. With under 300 Calories for the snacks, under 500 for the lunches and under 400 for the breakfasts, All are nutritious, delicious and importantly healthy. Their lineup of foods offer a wide range of of diet restricted foods, Such as Gluten Free, Egg & Dairy Free, Vegan, Kosher & Non-GMO. Not only that all GoPicnic foods are also made  with NO MSG, corn syrup, artificial colors, artificial flavoring, trans - fat and love. 

I recently tried GoPicnic Lucy Chocolate Chip Cookies, Living with a family of 6 and a household full of dietary restrictions. It was a no brainier GoPicnic is perfect for my family. My daughter has an egg allergy, My …

Night food Review

Secret Word: SUNNY

 Night food is a dietary supplement which is optimized for night time nutrition, night food also comes with many other benefits such as  they are not only great for adults for children as well ,  they really do taste fantastic!   Plus as a mom I do love that they Have No High Fructose Corn Syrup, No Artificial Colors or Flavors, No Hydrogenated Oils.    However nightfood is meant to curb and satisfy nighttime cravings.   This product does help and support the aid Of better sleep.

 When I received this product to try for an unbiased review I dove right into testing out this product. I drank some milk along with the product, it tasted just as advertised cookies n cream! Very tasty, no weird after tastes, no chalky tastes either. Just tasted like a really good cookie. This product is packed with many more benefits but you can read up on in the provided information in the product link below! I  do not recommend this for an afternoon grab n go snack! I do recommend this f…