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GoPicnic Lucy's Chocolate Chip Cookies - Review

GoPicnic is based in Chicago, Founded in 2006. They specialize in portable, nutritious, very tasty ready to go, ready to eat breakfast, lunch & snacks. GoPicnic, Also has a mission to prevent Hungry one meal at a time! What makes GoPicnic foods better than the rest? They are packed with Fiber, Proteins, Grains, Calories and they taste great. With under 300 Calories for the snacks, under 500 for the lunches and under 400 for the breakfasts, All are nutritious, delicious and importantly healthy. Their lineup of foods offer a wide range of of diet restricted foods, Such as Gluten Free, Egg & Dairy Free, Vegan, Kosher & Non-GMO. Not only that all GoPicnic foods are also made  with NO MSG, corn syrup, artificial colors, artificial flavoring, trans - fat and love. 

I recently tried GoPicnic Lucy Chocolate Chip Cookies, Living with a family of 6 and a household full of dietary restrictions. It was a no brainier GoPicnic is perfect for my family. My daughter has an egg allergy, My son has a dairy allergy. These cookies are perfect my little ones! They enjoyed their tasty cookies and even wanted more after 1 package. I tried them, being hesitant they are gluten free, I've never tried a gluten free food. I have friends who are on a gluten free diet. However, These cookies taste just like homemade. If I hadn't know they were gluten free, I would've never guessed. These cookies are "dangerous" and should come with a warning, "WARNING" You may consume more than 1 package" In the less than 12 hours I had received these cookies, I ate 6.....(maybe more) packages already. *GUILTY BIG COOKIE EATER* They are also fantastic with a glass of milk. 
I as well suffer from allergies so I was pleased too see on the package that "Lucy's tests for milk, egg, peanut, almond (I'm allergic to almonds), & hazelnut traces in our ingredients and never allow those items in our bakery warehouse" fantastic! I can pack these in my kids lunch boxes! Great Cookies and I can't wait to try out other foods from GoPicnic!

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* Disclosure: I was no compensated for this review, writing this review was solely my idea and GoPicnic did not make me write this review. My opinions may differ from yours.