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Loyalty/Ambassador Programs! Join Today!

Loyalty Programs are fun, you do tasks like sharing a tweet, reading an article or participating in a fun photo challenge to rack up points. The points in which you than can use towards certain things like gift cards, throws, key chains, gym memberships, the brands products etc. You're basically "working" your way by collecting points, with those points once you've sccumulated enough you can turn those points into a "prize".

I've gotten some really awesome things from these programs, So far I've received Purell hand sanitizer, Skinny Cow hoodie, coupons, free Coca Cola, Purina Cat chow pillow, purina cat chow blanket and a $10 gift card.

Below are Loyalty Programs. Easy to gather points and Easy Sign up.

Lays Chips Ambassador Program Join Earn points for sweet swag + a chance to win $10,000

Dial Rewards Earn Rewards, play for prizes and earn points. Use code S8002 to earn 500 points!

Purell Loyalty Program - Click articles and share a tweet daily to accumulate points.
The rewards are simple Gift cards or Purell hand sanitizer

Purina My Perks Rewards Program - If you have a cat you'll love this one, points accumulate easily by entering codes from kitty chow on site it'll tell you more. Plus you get additional points for various things like tweeting, reading articles checking in etc. The rewards catalog is pretty awesome and changes often.

Skinny Cow Club Skinny - This program is another one of my favorites! I received a hoodie from accumulating points... I redeemed 5,000 points for the hoodie for this one  to get points you'll need to check in daily to accumulate points. To get points you can watch a (1) YouTube Video, following them on social media, giving a short testimony about the products etc. The rewards are basic you can redeem points points for things like a headband, coupon, ear buds, charging etc The reward catalog does change from time to time.

Coke Beta - Similar to my coke rewards. What you do is you enter coke codes from participating brands ( Which you can see on the site) Enter those codes, For points (found under the cap of participating beverages). Complete challenges to earn status. Statuses are bronze, silver, & gold. Each status has different rewards/challenges for the user. The rewards catalog is consistently updating.

Biore Prove It Rewards - This rewards program is ending on 12/31/14 but I'd figure I'd still feature it. You earn points by answering the daily trivia question and prouduct codes. Rewards are anything from Biores products, Gift Cards,  & Vera Bradley Bags.  Sad too see this one ending.

Verizon Smart Rewards Program - If you're a Verizon customer such as myself you'll love this rewards program. Easy to accumulate points by doing things like paying your bill, buying a product, and more. Points accumulate quickly so far I have 21,527 points! You can redeem points in a variety of ways like entering their sweeps (I've won once, each sweep has 300 winners, Auctions for products and gift cards I've won 3 Auctions but trust me winning an auction is time consuming and tiring as you have to rapidly to stay in the lead! And daily deals. Great Program!

My Starbucks Rewards - Starbucks rewards is pretty neat. You can only enter 2  stars codes a day which can be found on the ground coffee packages and other participating Starbucks products. You get 1 star if you pay using your Teavana or La Boulange Card or the mobile app. Earn more stars, to earn more rewards. There are 3 levels which you rank up, Those levels are: Welcome, Green & Gold Level.

Disney Movie Rewards - Disney lovers You can earn rewards (movies, clothes, etc.) by purchasing Disney movies and CDs and watching Disney movies at the theater. Enter Exclusive sweepstakes and get special offers.

- Save your Earths Best UPC codes to redeem books, products, and other offers! I haven't tried this one out.Earths Best Rewards


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