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Impress Manicure - Review


As a busy mom of 4 I don't have the time or even the cash to spend on a pricey in salon manicure. This is where Impress Manicure comes into play. Impress manicure is an in home manicure you can do yourself in under 30 minutes for under $10.00, that can last up too 2 weeks.

When I first tried out impress manicure I fell in love with all the color options, designs & decals to really jazz up your nails. The kits come with an alcohol rub pad, cuticle stick & 24 press on nails. No glue needed which means no waiting for anything to dry. Just measure up the correct size nail to fit in proportion of your nail size, remove the plastic backing and press on to the nail. These are safe to use on natural nails and will not damage your natural nails. You'll want to ensure it sticks so press & rub it on for atleast 5 minutes to ensure it doesn't budge. Removal is simple as well you can use nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol to remove the nails, the process should take 5-7 minutes. While wearing these I was able to do what I could do with a pricey manicure. Garden, wash dishes, run after 4 kids, do laundry, etc all without messing up my gorgeous gel shine manicure! You can even skip the wait time with nail polish with a simple, easy impress nail manicure.

My daughter who is 5, Was curious about trying these out. I made sure they stuck, but didn't stick well enough as she was mindlessly playing with them . She enjoyed Impress Manicure nails just as much as I did. I even went out shared with friends who received the product and brand in a very positive way, I also purchased more of these kits as I enjoy having groomed nails and these fit into my budget. Impress is perfect for any woman!  

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