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Klorane -Beauty Review

Klorane is a company that sells plant based beauty products. You may have received a sample of one of their products in a beauty subscription box (If you are subbed to one) The products they sell range from shampoos, makeup removers to lotions. Products are suitable for all families.

Soothing Cornflower Makeup Remover - Made with cornflower this makeup remover removes makeup gently and effectively. Takes all makeup off effortlessly with only a few swipes. Specially formulated  to minimize risks of allergies. What I love about it, It also strengthens the eyelashes.

Flax Fiber Shampoo - This is whats new and blooming over at Klorane. A light weight product that builds volume without weighing down hair. Why I love it, My hair is straight and this shampoo gives it that instant oooomph it desire. Use in conjuction with flax fiber conditioner if desired.

Dry Shampoo with Nettle No time to shampoo? This absorbs oil in under 30 seconds & restore volume. Silicone & Paraben free. Why I lov…

Era Organics Giveaway

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Pure Spoon Purees Giveaway

Hosted by: Tales From A Southern MomSponsor: Pure SpoonPrize: Sample kit with 18 Pure Spoon 4.2 oz containers with "Kid & Adult Friendly” FlavorsWhether you are looking to improve nutrition and sneak in some extra fruits and veggies in your family’s diet or just want the best and most nutritious baby food for your baby Pure Spoon has you covered! You will be amazed at the difference in taste, texture, and nutrition! You can ready Julie's thoughts at the Pure Spoon Review!Dates: 4/1 thru 4/15Open to: US Residents 18+Enter to win using the widget below. Good luck!Entry-Form

Stains, Family, and Purex.

We all have been there, as you're chowing down on your favorite food. Plop. Is the sound of the spaghetti sauce that lands on your article of clothing or perhaps little joey decided to slide down a muddy hill. No matter what the stain is there is always a proper solvent to treat and wash away those pesky stains.

With 4 kids I know of more messes and piles of laundry than a hotel maid probably does. Getting them out is the toughest. I remember a very memorable visit to walmart clutching my daughters very expensive Janie & Jack blouse. She had dropped ketchup on this particular blouse from her hamburger, being 36 miles away from home and knowing that stain would set in. I had my husband pull into Walmart. As I was walking thru walmart, I rushed to the laundry section. I read numerous stain treating bottles and "sampled" about 6 generously on her blouse. When we got home I threw the blouse in the wash and prayed it wasn't damaged by the different types of stain remov…

Pool Petz - Review

Summer is a time of fun, excitement, sunny days, & making memories! My family of 6 loves getting away to the beach on a beautiful sunny weekend. Often times we just head out back to our very own swimming pool to cool off and relax. The kids favorite summertime past-time is swimming. With 4 kids you can never have enough pool toys, many of which are bulky and inflatable. Many deflate so quickly, as well. Which is why I am so happy to review the Big Joe Pool Petz Floaty!

*-We received the whale from a special program in exchange for an unbiased review. I was not paid, obligated or bribed to do this review. I was so pleased with my experience with Pool Petz I wanted to blog about it!
When we received the big brown box, my kids were so excited too see what was inside! A whale floaty! They were so excited to try it out, which we did immediately.
The first thing I noticed was the material and weight of the product, it was soft, & very light weight. Off to the pool we go! After being…

Dreaming of your own in home spa day? WIN IT!

WSpa days are fabulous. Have you ever had a spa day? The pedicures, the massages, and the facials are amazing. When I stayed at the Lotte New York Palace in NYC over Halloween in 2015 I received my first, yet very rare massage. It was deeply relaxing and a sense of peace I never felt before. As a mom of 4 children ages 5-10. It's often hard for me to find the time to relax or go out for a massage. Usually I am running kids around from place to place to place, Where I live there isn't many places to get a spa. I knew I had to find a solution to create my own in home spa. I searched for products and tested out different products. It wasn't until I tried Freeman Beauty products, I knew I had discovered the right products to create my own in home spa.

Here are the products I enjoy using when I do my in home spa day. Inbetween household chores and the kids being school I take 20- 30 minutes out of my day, to enjoy some me time. I enjoy a facial or at the most a facial mask. The…

Coachella - Lets Pack!

The Coachella Music & Arts Festival is coming up April 15th. With it only being a few weeks away now is the time to start thinking of what you should start packing. I have compiled a list of the best products, for this event.

1. Scünci - Its hot in California. Scüncis are great especially if you have long hair like myself. It helps too cool off and not get too sweaty under your hair. Or create a fun updo for the festival!
2. Naked 3 - Urban Decays Naked 3 is one of the most coveted beauty items around. Rich and pigmented colors to create your festival look. I love this palette and highly recommend it. Can't afford it? Or want a cheaper option?  Check out Coastal Scents - Revealed Palettes. Purchase Naked 3Purchase Revealed 3
3. Doucce Mascara - Get your va-va voom with one of my favorite mascaras. Create length and volume for your festival look with this mascara. Want mascara to last longer after applying your mascara? Add a coat of Blinc Tubing mascara *Blinc tubing mascara c…

HayDay - In app review

Hay Day is a downloadable app from most App Stores. From my experience it is downloadable onto Kindle Fire, Apple and android. This game was brought to my attention by my 4 kids who love it. So I decided to try it out for myself. Hayday is an interactive farm game. Join a neighborhood, talk with those within your neighborhood and help out not only your neighbors, but other farms as well with boats and plants. As you level up in Hayday you noock more content. Such more items to produce from cakes, coffees, salads and jams. You also gather diamonds as you level up, diamonds are also purchasable within the game.

Heres a list of what you can do with the virtual farming game:
Purchase goods from the daily dirt newspaper.
Harvest and plant crops, you get new crops at every so many level ups. Example of crops; Lettuce, Tomatos, Raspberries, Cherries, Pumpkins, Wheat, Rice, Soybeans & more.
Harvest nectar from the bees
Produce goods. Such as Soups, Cakes, Pies, Hamburgers, Coffee, Lattes,…

5 Uses for PEEPS - Easter Edition

PEEPS a classic Easter treat. Loved and disliked by many. My kids love peeps, So does my husband. Below are 10 uses for Peeps.

1. Cake Decoration. Prepare a cake as directed or make your own from scratch. After the cake is cooled down enough to ice, top with crushed Oreos, pipe green icing or green sprinkles and chocolate eggs and PEEPS!

2. PEEPS Cocktail. Sparkling Pink Grapefruit juice, Patron, Monin Rose Syrup. Serve Chilled or over Ice. Add some yellow sugar to the rim of the glass, ya know to be extra FANCY!

3. PEEPS on a stick. Add PEEPS to fun colored paper straws, dip into melted melting chocolate. I prefer Wilton's Melting Chocolates they come in fun colors and sometimes limited edition flavors. The melting chocolate sells at Wal_Mart between $1.88 - $2.99. Add a six let to each peep before chocolate hardens for the bunny tail.

4. Peeps Garland. Fabric bunting is adorable, but stringing up marshmallow Peeps can give your window or mantle a unique and fun touch! — Materia…

Lularoe Leggings - Review

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What is Lularoe?

 Lularoe is a self start up buisness much like Avon. I have several consultants I purchase from and finding one is super easy! Once you have a consultant you can schedule an online party, purchase clothing or get even more information about starting up your very own Lularoe buisness. Starting the busy is easy and most of all FUN! I have personally tried and own several pairs of the lularoe leggings, I just placed a large order this week for more items they offer. The leggings are fabulous. They are soft, buttery and truly feel like theres nothibg there. Lularoe offers other items as well. Such as shirts, dress, and skirts. There is a vast variety of prints and colors that you are sure to find one or many more that fits into your fashion style. My personal favorites are the kisses leggings and leopard irma. With Lularoe its best to learn about sizing from your consulant before making any purchase as each item has its own unique sizing. E…