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5 Uses for PEEPS - Easter Edition

PEEPS a classic Easter treat. Loved and disliked by many. My kids love peeps, So does my husband. Below are 10 uses for Peeps.

1. Cake Decoration. Prepare a cake as directed or make your own from scratch. After the cake is cooled down enough to ice, top with crushed Oreos, pipe green icing or green sprinkles and chocolate eggs and PEEPS!

2. PEEPS Cocktail. Sparkling Pink Grapefruit juice, Patron, Monin Rose Syrup. Serve Chilled or over Ice. Add some yellow sugar to the rim of the glass, ya know to be extra FANCY!

3. PEEPS on a stick. Add PEEPS to fun colored paper straws, dip into melted melting chocolate. I prefer Wilton's Melting Chocolates they come in fun colors and sometimes limited edition flavors. The melting chocolate sells at Wal_Mart between $1.88 - $2.99. Add a six let to each peep before chocolate hardens for the bunny tail.

4. Peeps Garland. Fabric bunting  is adorable, but stringing up marshmallow Peeps can give your window or mantle a unique and fun touch! — Materials: 1-2 boxes of Peeps marshmallow bunnies, Sewing needle, Thread of any color, Beads can be purchased at any crafting store, & Wall hooks. Directions:
  1. Thread the needle & measure the length that you want your garland  to be and cut the thread.
  2. Tie one bead to the end of your thread to keep the marshmallow Peep from falling off.
  3. Carefully push your needle and thread through a bunny about where the ears meet the head, but thread slowly because the string could cut off the bunny's ears. We don't want any horror or tears from this FUN craft!
  4. Next, thread beads to separate marshmallow bunnies, adding as many beads as you need to fill in the garland. Continue alternating PEEPS and beads until you get your desired length of the garland. 
  5. Using one final bead, tie off the thread and hang your marshmallow Peeps bunny garland. Use tacks or removable wall hooks to hang the garland.
6. Sit back and enjoy the compliments on your unique Easter garland!

5. PEEPS Center Piece - 

Materials Needed  1- 4-in. cube vase1- 6-in. cube vase Lots of Jelly beans 30 gerberas daisies 5 packs of Peeps for a total of 20 peeps. Center the smallest vase inside the larger vase. Insert jellybeans of colors in between the walls of the vases. Place Peeps on top of the jelly beans, make sure you save some for the corners of the vase. Don't be afraid to squeeze them into the space. You should have enough to fill in any gaps. Cut gerberas daisies to fit inside the vase, keeping the tube encased, many gerberas are sold with plastic tubes for support. Cutting shorter stems for the outside flowers and longer stems for the inner ones will give you a nice rounded top. 


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