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Coachella - Lets Pack!

The Coachella Music & Arts Festival is coming up April 15th. With it only being a few weeks away now is the time to start thinking of what you should start packing. I have compiled a list of the best products, for this event.

1. Scünci - Its hot in California. Scüncis are great especially if you have long hair like myself. It helps too cool off and not get too sweaty under your hair. Or create a fun updo for the festival!

2. Naked 3 - Urban Decays Naked 3 is one of the most coveted beauty items around. Rich and pigmented colors to create your festival look. I love this palette and highly recommend it. Can't afford it? Or want a cheaper option?  Check out Coastal Scents - Revealed Palettes.  Purchase Naked 3 Purchase Revealed 3

3. Doucce Mascara - Get your va-va voom with one of my favorite mascaras. Create length and volume for your festival look with this mascara. Want mascara to last longer after applying your mascara? Add a coat of Blinc Tubing mascara *Blinc tubing mascara creates "tubes" around the eyelashes, NOTE when removing it is the tubes NOT eyelashes coming off. Blinc is great to add on top of your mascara, It does not flake, smudge, smear or rub off...even if you cry. Purchase Doucce

4. Dove - Instant Dry Deodorant I love this deodorant, It drys in mere seconds, nowhite matks and lasts all day even in the hot summer heat. 

5. Sunscreen - Neutrogena SPF 70. Ever been in the hot summer heat in the west coast? I have at the iheart radio festival and found myslf begging strangers for sunscreen, I was burnt within 15 minutes, despite running to my VIP tent to just cool off every 3 minutes. Bring the sunscreen, its worth it and worth saving your skin. Sold at Walmart

6. Micellar Water - Garnier Micellar Water Makeup remover. Use cotton pads or cotton balls or this product to remove the most stubborn makeup. Also avail. In waterproof. Sold at Walmart.

7. Jāsön - Aloe Vera Gel. I wish I had this when I BBQ myself at the iheart radio music festival. Youdon't  need to purchase this specfic brand, any kind will work or try finding one with lidocaine to ease burns.  

Of course when packing don't forget your essentials. Cash, sexual protection, watches, wallets, etc.
Most importantly have fun! Thats what Coachella is all about! 


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