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Stains, Family, and Purex.

We all have been there, as you're chowing down on your favorite food. Plop. Is the sound of the spaghetti sauce that lands on your article of clothing or perhaps little joey decided to slide down a muddy hill. No matter what the stain is there is always a proper solvent to treat and wash away those pesky stains.

With 4 kids I know of more messes and piles of laundry than a hotel maid probably does. Getting them out is the toughest. I remember a very memorable visit to walmart clutching my daughters very expensive Janie & Jack blouse. She had dropped ketchup on this particular blouse from her hamburger, being 36 miles away from home and knowing that stain would set in. I had my husband pull into Walmart. As I was walking thru walmart, I rushed to the laundry section. I read numerous stain treating bottles and "sampled" about 6 generously on her blouse. When we got home I threw the blouse in the wash and prayed it wasn't damaged by the different types of stain removal I had so generously sampled on it. Alas, as I pulled it out of washer it was clean, with nothing much left behind and what was, was hardly even noticeable. HOORAY!
 Wait......whats this? I not only missed a stain, I also noticed my not so generic brand did not have stain fighters to help get rid or let alone treat stains. It was there I knew I had a mission to find a better detergent for my family, That also treats and fights stains. Thats where Purex+Clorox2 detergents comes into play. Purex+Clorox fights 100 stains and contains a powerful boost of Clorox 2 stain fighters. Also my favorites it is safe and gentle to use on colored fabrics. There is so much more I want to divulge into about this product. In the next week or so I will post more about Purex+Clorox2 Stay Tuned for more! 

* I am so excited to soon share this review with my fans and a special giveaway you won't want to miss! *


Derek Pierce said…
Wow, that's amazing you share your experience of stain removal with us. Your story reminds my childhood days. My mom always does the same as you.

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