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Amazon Dash Buttons

Running low on kitty litter, coffee, beef jerky? Amazon Dash buttons are to the rescue! When you run out of a product, like cat litter, one press of the button places an order with Amazon. In two days, it'll arrive on your doorstep, Voila. The buttons cost $4.99 which also includes  a $4.99 credit with Amazon. Keep in mind the the dash buttons are only Avalibility to those with Amazon Prime, Each button only works with a select number of products and quantities for that brand of each button. There are so many buttons to choose from, buy 1, but 2, or buy as many as you need. There's always a button for someone. The buttons stick anywhere. On the wall, a cabinet or in your pantry. 
I think these buttons are super handy, and less time consuming. What do you think? Where would you stick your Dash Button?