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KidPik Review

KidPik is a subscription box service you can order at any time as you please and the box comes free no money down if you choose to keep anything the box totals about hundred dollars but you also get a 30% discount if you decide to keep the whole box which would bring it down to around $70-$75. If you choose to not keep the entire box you do not get the 30% discount.  We received our KidPik yesterday and my daughter was very very excited.  She absolutely loved everything inside her box from the purple dress to the teal skirt . KidPik formerly AE kids and RUUM  Will be releasing a box for boys coming this fall.  I can't wait for Fall and the release of the  box to come out for boys being a mom to three boys, often  finding something they like it can be hard.  All the clothes in the box are branded as KidPik clothing.  The clothing is quality material, Trendy and FUN!


 I highly recommend trying out this box if you have a daughter between the ages of 4 to 14, Remember NO money down, buy what you want to keep, ship back for FREE in the prepaid envelope. Every box includes 1 FREE item as a thank you from KidPik.  Your box will come with a wide variety of different things from pants, skirts, shoes, dresses, tank tops, and T-shirts etc. you can also email KidPik and let them know of any other preferences you have say for example, your child doesn't like to wear sandals so you email them to let them know that you would prefer sneakers from now on. Voila they will make sure all requests are met! I can honestly say that they spent time and customized this box  perfectly to my daughters clothing preferences. She loves her box and says don't mail anything back mom!



Tauni said…
I use Kidpik for my 3 girls ages 10, 7, and 5, and was hoping that they would start a line for boys. I just love the clothes and options!

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