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Marlboro Ranch - 1

I have been entering Marlboro Contests for the last 3-4 years. I have won many prizes like zippo lighters, sleeping bags, ashtrays, a Kelty tent and more. Recently, Marlboro held a promotion (expired now), A promotion where you entered daily and everytime you entered you earned 500 points plus 1 entry in that weeks daily prize. Points were redeemed for Cameras, Lighters, Tents, Kelty cache box, and more. The daily entries for prizes (which you could not redeem points for) were for some pretty slick prizes. Like a motorcycle, $5,000 and a cash register, A trip to the sought after Marlboro Ranch, and many more. The contest ran for several weeks and recently ended. I entered religiously, gathering up my 500 daily points, I really wanted the tent. When I saw Marlboros weekly prize of a trip to the ranch, I excitedly told my hubby how amazing a trip of this magnitude would be. I even remember telling him winning would be nearly impossible. Over 3 million people enter these promotions on Marlboro. Weeks went and so did the time period where Marlboro was supposed to choose winners for the trip, I wasn't the least disappointed I didn't win the trip. I continued entering daily, regardless. Until.... On 03/04/16 I was scrolling through my mail. I saw a header "COMPLETE YOUR RANCH DOCUMENTS". Without thinking I thought SPAM! And went about my day. Later that day  I hoped on Marlboros website to enter for my daily 500 points, that's when it clicked. Did I? ME?! Win a trip to the Marlboro Ranch? I quickly scrambled back to my email to find that email. Low and behold I did win! I filled out my 21 page documents. The documents cover everything, health insurance, driving records, employment, height, weight, medications, etc. I sent over my documents the day I got them via email. Next I had to wait.... Marlboro or in this case Helloworld reviews the documents and a 3rd party runs a background/criminal check.

I admit waiting 4 weeks for someone who doesn't like waiting. Was like a cake lover waiting for a slice of cake that's in front them and being told NO You must wait, repeatedly. A week went by, time seemed to drag on. I wasn't even worried, I just didn't like the long wait process, All though I knew it would be worth it in the end.  I talked to other winners about the trip, They didn't spill every detail. Yet it excited me even more!

(ALMOST) 4 weeks later.....

Still nothing. I did find out sometimes it's not a 4 week wait, Sometimes it may take a little bit longer. I called Hello World on Thursday 03/31/16 for a status update. Unfortunately for me they didn't have one. Except my letter may not be there for another week. Later that evening I checked my Fedex and I saw it, I saw my overnighted FedEx envelope. I was so excited!  On Friday 04/01/16 I ran some errands full on knowing the letter COULD arrive anytime, My FedEx man typically delivers my packages at 4:30 PM EST. At 4:30 pm on 04/01/16 I got my hands on my envelope. I excitedly but cautiously opened it, inside it showed a paper stating that I was indeed eligible. My travel guest was not due to medical reasons which hinders my dates at the ranch. So I had the option to choose a new travel guest by 04/08/16. I knew exactly who to invite. My friend Brittney, The trip has always been on her bucket list. She filled her forms out on 04/01/16. Now she waits 4 weeks for her eligibility. In 4 weeks we should have our dates and more deets!

*My prize includes a 4 day/3 night trip to Montana, All meals, All ranch activities, airfare, and $600. Worth over $4,500.* Marlboro even sends my own luggage to pack my stuff in!

More to come.........