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NADS Wax Strips - Review

I went out on a whim the other day and purchased NADS all over body wax strips. From Ulta the most  glorious store known to man! I've always been fearful of waxing, I just didn't want to endure the pain, but a $7 a box I figured I'd give it a go.
But first... I tested them on my husband he was an excellent subject with minimal groans and please no more coming from his mouth.
It was time to test it on myself! I cut a strip down to size, heated it up with a space heater worked quicker than rubbing it in between my hands and slapped it on my upper lip. Fear set in. I couldn't possibly just rip this off my lip! I can't as I stopped myself ok, ok 1...2....3? Eventually I talked myself into it and RIIIIIIIIIP holy sheep! That freaking hurt! Oh sweet Jesus oh no. Oh, no,no, no,  no It didn't get ALL the hair off.... I panicked and hopped on Google. Oooooh no you didn't pull the strip off correctly. By this time my upper lip was red and throbbing in pain. I couldn't possibly irritate it anymore, so I moved on to my legs. The legs weren't too bad the hair came off with minimal hairs left behind, I was able to use 1 strip multiple times. Tho, DO NOT wax your underarms with these strips, There's nothing like putting your arms down than realizing you sealed your pits shut with the wax that stuck on your underarm hair.  They sell a box to specifically to wax underarms or I recommend a salon to wax your under arms. The calming wipes that came in the package were extremely helpful since I didn't have baby oil to unseal my underarms.
I couldn't tell my husband I had sealed my underarms as I waddled to go get my calming wipes, which takes of any excess wax. Surely, I could've endured more pain by lifting my arms high in the air but I couldn't take any risks! Regardless, The excess wax came off my underarms. I highly recommend these, they do work and no fear if all the hair doesn't come off tweeze them out or cut a strip to size to remove excess hair (if any).


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