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Philips - Soft Pal Light Review

I have a daughter and if your kids are like mine she is either learning to use the potty at night on their own or scared of the dark. My daughter is both of what I listed. The Philips soft night light was the solution for our problems. The night lights come in a vast variety of your child's favorite characters. My daughter chose Minnie Mouse. It's super soft, easy for a child to hold, it charges which eliminates batteries, and it's super to turn on just turn it upside down to turn off. My daughter giggles and exclaims Minnie has ideas when we turn Minnie Mouse on.

When you first get one of these night lights which can retail from $15-$25, You must charge it for 24 hours. After that it's good to go, it's a must have for my wee ones. They love the fun characters and no fears if they drop it. No damage will be done if it's dropped. The light is a soft light and not recommended for daily use in pitch dark. We always leave the bathroom light on which creates some light out in the hallway, having the nightlight for my daughter makes her feel safer. We recently used the nightlight to ease my daughters woes after a storm took out the electricity. My daughter will, take her Philips night light to bed every night! I highly recommend these adorable night lights. They make great gifts!

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Amanda Walter said…
This could be fun, and possibly a good way to save on electricity!
Inez said…
I will keep this is mind when my son is older. I never thought about them getting up to go potty but makes sense. And they really are cute!