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Tryazon Sterno S'more Party

Tryazon is a company in which you can sign up for FUN parties. I was recently selected as a host for the Tryazon Sterno S'mores maker party. TRYAZON has had some pretty neat party opportunities in the past, So of course I was stoked when I was chosen for the first I me to host this FUN party!

What was in my party kit?

- 2 Sterno S'more Makers
- Coupons to handout
- Target Giftcard for S'mores supplies
- Party Guide

I invited 8 adults and 5 children to the party to experience the magic of the STERNO PRODUCTS s'more maker. I discussed to my guests about Tryazon and Sterno Products. I introduced the S'more maker and even showed my guests how to use it.

Initially, it's extremely easy to set up. Light up one the cans of the Sterno Heat with a long lighter, take the mesh cover and place over top. Next you're ready to start roasting! It didn't take entirely too long to heat up a marshmallow, place it between chocolate and graham crackers. The kids enjoyed a delicious chocolate, peanut butter, marshmallow s'more!

Next we played a game who ever hunted down the most marshmallows was the winner of the 2nd Sterno S'more maker. The kids didn't gather many marshmallows, However my guest Brittany hunted down a whopping 27 marshmallows! Brittany was declared the WINNER of the 2nd Sterno S'more maker! With another guest coming in at a close 2nd with 22 Marshmallows. She received a consolation prize of a Hershey's Chocolate Bar package. My guests also received coupons.

Overall, I loved this product. My guests had so many questions about the Sterno S'more maker and how to sign up for Tryazon Parties. They loved the feature on the s'more maker where you can easily display and grab any s'mores supplies right from the s'more maker. It didn't take up a lot of space, functioned perfectly and I love it's portable. You can take it ANYWHERE! Perfect for kids and adults. Please note any child should be supervised/accompanied by an adult when using this product. Safety First!

Check out the S'mores maker 
Purchase the S'more Maker

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Barrie Mac said…
What a fun party! I love the idea and we all smores so I'll look into this idea! Thanks.
A. B. said…
I think that the Sterno S'more maker looks really neat, and convenient as well. As for the sponsored party, how nice that you were provided with a gift card to purchase supplies!
It looks like you had a great time. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of your party fun!
Amy Orvin said…
This post makes me want S'mores. I have not had some in a long time.
Laurie Nykaza said…
This looks like so much fun for the whole family we love to make fun treat for the kids and this set up is cute and they would love eating them too

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