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Best apps for kids

My children are ages 10,8,7 and 6. They've recently entered the digital age of tablets and computers. As a mom I want to be sure that what they are downloading is safe, secure and most importantly kid friendly. Some inappropriate apps are disguised as kids apps, I've came across several in my days of downloading whatever kid A or Kid B wanted. However, I wasn't aware of what most I was downloading was actually appropriate. Take for example Kik Messenger it lets kids text but the messages don't actually show up on your child's messenger service, and of course you're not charged for them. Why's it dangerous?  Kik allows communication with strangers who share their Kikusernames to find people to chat with. I've taken time, dedication and research to find the best kids apps from games and more out there!

Endless Reader App & Endless Alphabet
This app is by far my favorite, it sets the stage for early success. Matter of fact my daughter and I used this over the summer. When she started school, her teacher called me to comment "It shows her reading skills have flourished!"nThe app uses common words in school, children's books, and more. Many children need to know these words to increase their reading fluency. This is why it's # 1 on my list. Available on iOS and android. *In app purchases free to download

This app offers Phonics, Nursery Rhymes, Learning games, and over 200+ activities. No advertisements, over 550 fun activities, and  free download. Songs and rhymes are interactive, sure to keep that child who gets bored with an app entertained!

Itooch for older kids
This app is loaded with thousands of questions, curriculum and even has a blackboard and calculator within the app. Why I like it? It's an excellent teaching app for my 10 year old. He can study or practice anytime. It's fun and educational.

Disney Creativity Studio
Get creative with this fun app! It features over 400 backgrounds, frames & stickers. Learn to draw with a REAL Disney Artist! Color and Play. This app features it all. I love it because it's a great way to get my kids creativity to shine through, it's fun. This app does have a stylus for purchase for $34.99 here Disney Stylus

What do you think of these apps? Do you have any to add to the list?
Thanks being a reader