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Nestle Splash - Review

As you may already know I am apart of Influenster, A company whom sends free products aka vox boxes to test, review and have a chance at winning some sweet prizes! Over the years of being an influenster member I've had some pretty sweet vox boxes show up at my door!

Recently I was accepted and was sent a Nestle Splash vox box. My vox contained a beach ball, sunglasses and a bottle of Nestle Splash Strawberry - Melon water. I've tried their flavor water in the past, I fact the grape and orange flavored nestle bottled waters are the ones I frequently purchase.

What do I think?

I personally feel the Nestle Splash is a great alternative to those who aren't big fans of plain water or need a switch up in drinking water. 
It taste great, I personally like it. The strawberry-melon was satisfying and tasted delicious. 

Benefits of water 
Water has a lot of benefits that lead to healthier lifestyles. Such as keeping skin clear by pushing toxins out of the body. 
Promotes weight loss.
Relieves constipation. 
Relieves headaches by properly hydrating the body. 
Water, overall is just plain good for you, your body and health. 

Disclaimer I received the nestle splash from influenster in exchange for unbiased/honest review. I was not compensated.


I love drinking water and drink alot of it but never been a fan of the flavored ones.
Dorothy said…
I have tried these and they are delicious! Sometimes you just want that splash of fruit in your water and these taste great.
rebeccabasset said…
I usually don't drink plain Water anymore, I put in some type of Packet or Drops. I will have to give these a try.

Thanks for the Post and the Review!
jerseygirl137 said…
I am always drinking water. I love the flavored waters for a treat a night.
We buy and drink these on a regular basis. Although I don't mind drinking regular water sometimes I like to mix it up and these are a delicious alternative.