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Save Money With Retale

If you're the type to wait for sundays morning paper to get your hands on the weekly ads, Wait no more! Retale makes it easier and simpler to find deals, promotions and sales. You can check out sales and weekly ads from top retailers such as Walmart, Walgreens, Macy's, Bon Ton, CVS and many more! You  can easily and smoothly flip through any of the ads.

One of my favorite features is the shopping list option within the app, I just add the items to my shopping list. Adding items to my shopping list will show how many deals there are on the items I added to my list. I just click the deals button which brings me to the ads, I click my ad of choice, click the pushpin and the pushpin will show me which product(s) are on sale and which store they're on sale! How cool is that? Definitely lessens my time in half in finding deals on items.

You can find all of the hottest Black Friday deals at the tip of your finger, create alerts for your favorite retailers so you never miss a hot deal, you can even save and clip coupons!

My experience with the Retale app has been positive, I have 4 kids my time is limited and personally I have no time to flip through tons of printed ads, cutting coupons and searching endlessly for deals. With Retale I can easily cut my time down in half and spend more time doing the things I love. The app runs smoothly, it's easy to navigate through and search for my favorite retailers. I absolutely love the shopping list feature it instantly tells me if an item is on sale and which store the item is on sale at as soon as I add it to my shopping list!

I love that there are so many ads  available to me through Retale! Plus, I could search for ads based on where I live, as well as the stores I’m looking to shop at. One of my favorite stores is Walmart, Retale has made it easy for me to get deals from one of my favorite stores!

Retale is easy and free to use, It helps me decide where I'll be saving money each week!

What are you waiting for?! Download Retale today to get your hands on those HOT Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals! (As well as other hot deals and coupons!)

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* All opinions are mine, I was not compensated.


Jessica Cox said…
I will downloading this app for sure, I am trying to save money all the time, I love that you can compare prices of items on your list, it would make it so much easier than looking through all the papers.
Julie Wood said…
This really sounds like a great app! It can really save time to check out all the stores on one app and get all the deals. I need to get this app!
Hannah Chase said…
This is a very coop app!