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Daily Goodie Box

I'm a sucker for sample boxes and subscription boxes, honestly as a mom to 4 it's nice to get something for myself for once, especially when the box contains cosmetics or food! I love subscription/sample boxes that contain food. I enjoy trying new and unique foods/snacks. It opens up my world to a vast variety of different brands that I would've never thought to try out otherwise.

Recently, goodie box contacted me to try out one of their boxes, I mean I couldn't say no. The boxes looked magnificent! Plus it's 100% FREE to join, once you get your goodie box and had time to enjoy it, afterwards review the products that came in your box! If you meet certain demographics you'll be eligible for a box. Each box will contain a variety of sample products from drinks, snacks, personal care items etc - which to be eligible for more products you'll be asked. to review every product that was in your box, this also improves your chances of more boxes!

Wow!!! Look at all those goodies! Surprisingly the bean field chips were absolutely delicious.

Light & Crispy!

You can check out every item I received in this box below 

RawRev - Raw Superfood Bars

Herr's - Tangy BBQ Popped Chips 

Beanfields - Nacho Bean and Rice Chips

Dream Water - Sleep Powder

Älsa - Energy Drink Mix

Natralia - Anti-itch Soothing Cream

Gary Poppins - Simply Sea Salt

EM+PACT - Protein & Energy Bars

Interested in signing up? Sign up for Daily Goodie Box

I can't wait for my next Goodie Box! 


tscatterton57 said…
I have to say love goodie boxes great to receive as well as to give to someone love it
Sherry Fram said…
Will have to check this out! I like samples to try! Thanks for the post!
Janie Vezina said…
looks like some awesome goodies
These sound like some awesome products. I will have to check out these boxes. Thank you so much for sharing
momo said…
(Daily Goodie Box) Now these are some of the things that I would like to try when I take a break from my busy day.
Hannah Chase said…
These look like some really yummy treats!

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