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February Goodie Box

It's that of month for another fabulous Goodie Box, Honestly this one knocked it out of the park! February's Goodie Box contained some pretty awesome products, a few of my favorites was the Dream Water this stuff works, I woke up so refreshed the flavor is a mild Berry flavor and enjoyable in hot water. Next was the Just Chill - Jamaican Citrus drink, fruity lime and fresh mint flavor, unique and flavorful. For me the coffee butter blocks, I'll be honest it wasn't a favorite of mine, my husband loved it. Then again he's more of a coffee guy, I prefer tea and an occasional cup of coffee.
I also received Nellies Wow stain remover stick and laundry soap, I have yet to try them but can't wait to do so. Overall this is by far one of my favorite boxes!

You can check out below everything I received:

Nellie's All-Natural - Laundry Soda Packs

JustChill - Stress Relief Drinks 

Vermont Smoke & Cure  - Cracked Pepper Beef & Pork Sticks

Nature's Bakery - Raspberry Fig Bars

Jack N' Jill -  Natural Toothpaste

Dream Water - Sleep Powder

Coffee Blocks - Butter Coffee

Aloha - Daily Good Greens

XyliChew - Spearmint

Gorilly Goods - Organic Snacks

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I can't wait for my next Goodie Box! 

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Jeani Brickner said…
i'd be interested in trying the dream water, myself! neat!
Molli Taylor said…
oh wow, i have never heard of this one, but what a great collection!
Dorothy said…
WOW!! so many boxes to check out, I did n't know there was so many freebies within these, Definitely checking them out.
Terry Poage said…
i'd be interested in trying the dream water and the coffee.
Terry Poage said…
I would be interested in trying the dream water. The coffee sounds good too.
nicole colletti said…
Omg!! How have u gotten multiple goodie boxes!!! Been with them since the day they started and NEVER RECIEVED a SINGLE one!! It stinks!!! It seems like only big blogs recieve them :-( .. really wanna get one! Awesome box!
J Renee W said…
I would love to try the dream water and the coffee blocks. Thanks for the info!
Hannah Chase said…
These are some awesome goodies!

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