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Happy Valentine's Day Butter Cookie Pail - Giveaway Hop - Ends 02/16

Welcome to the P.S. I Love You Giveaway Hop brought to you by The Hopping Bloggers!
Sponsored By: Teach My
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Each giveaway has a value of a minimum of $15, however some are worth much more. Be sure to enter to win all of them because there is no limit to how many you can win. GOOD LUCK!

1. Mama Smith's - Wakey Wakey Coffee - $25 Value (Host)  
2. Women and Their Pretties - Pinocchio Blu-ray - $20 Value (Host)  
3. Crazy Busy Family Life - Rose Gold Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace - $15 Value (Co-Host)  
4. Everyday Life - Speed Jump Rope - $40 Value (Co-Host)  
5. Life with 5 Monkies (co-host)  
6. The Robin's Nest Designs - Amazon Gift Card - $20 Value (co-host)  
7. Still Blonde after all these Years - Paypal Cash - $30 Value  
8. Mom to Grandma - PayPal Cash - $15 Value  
9. mommyreviewer - Amazon Gift Card - $20 Value  
10. Practical Frugality - Amazon Gift Card - $25 Value  
11. Making Time - Jamberry V-Day Nail Wraps Prize Pack - $22 Value  
12. alwaysblabbing - Jack N Jill Kit - $37 Value  
13. Week99er - Maple Sleigh Kcups - $25 Value  
14. Generations of Savings - Amazon GC or Paypal - $20 Value  
15. Reviews of a busy mom - Valentines Day Cookies - $22 Value  
16. MamatheFox - Squeasy Gear - $34 Value  
17. Thompson-Made - Handmade Knit Owl Stuffed Animal - $15 Value  
18. Diva Sweeps - Amazon Gift Card - $15 Value  
19. Parenting In Progress - Amazon Gift Card - $15 Value  
20. Nicki's Random Musings - Visa Gift Card & Entenmann's Coupons - $40 Value  
21. LODR - Amazon Gift Card - $15 Value  
22. Sweet Candle Melts - Candle Melts & Body products - $20 Value  
23. Mama Dews Reviews - 40 ct BBR Carnival Cocoa - $22 Value  
24. SaraLee's Deals Steals & Giveaways - PetGiftBox - $25 Value  
25. icefairy's Treasure Chest - Organic Honey & Chocolate Prize Pack - $20 Value  
26. ItsyBitsyAffairs - Remington Signature Tools Mini Curler - $35 Value

27. Our Mini Family - PayPal Cash - $15 Value 

28. Wild Redhead Homestead - Amazon Gift Card or PayPal Cash - $25 Value

29. Laurali's Blog - Ring - $25 Value  
30. MyStyleSpot - Handbag - $35 Value  
31. Mom The Magnificent - Amazon Gift Card - $25 Value  
32. Finding Sanity In Our Crazy Life - Hair Bows - $15 Value  
33. FreeDealSteals Reviews & Giveaways - Amazon or PayPal - $15 Value  
34. Here Wee Read - Ladies Drawing Night Book - $27 Value  
35. Literary Winner - The Longest Ride Blu-ray - $30 Value  
36. This N That with Olivia - Hello Spring Sign - $20 Value  
37. Eclectic Evelyn - Amazon Gift Card - $15 Value  
38. K is for Kechell - Gold Canyon Scented Candles - $40 Value  
39. The Monarch Mommy - Bambino Mio Miosolo Diaper Set - $54 Value  
40. Utterly Amazing - PayPal Giftcard - $20 Value  
41. Mixed Reviews Blog - Grill Armor Gloves - $30 Value  
42. Susie's Reviews and Giveaways - PayPal Cash - $20 Value  
43. Rockin' Book Reviews - 3 Books - $39 Value  
44. Peyton's Momma - Carnival Hot Cocoa K Cups - $25 Value  
45. Capturing The Moment - 3 Children's DVDs - $25  
46. Says Me Says Mom - Saving Phoebe Murrow - $17 Value  
47. Raising Three Savvy Ladies - Amazon Gift Card - $25 Value  


momo said…
I also like this from their site; 3-1/2 Gallon From the Heart Pick-A-Flavor
sunnymum said…
The Love Out Loud Fun Pail also looks great!
Julie Waldron said…
I also like the In-Love Market Tote of Snacks.
Jackie said…
I like the Love Out Loud Snack Assortment. The tin is really cute.
Terra Heck said…
I like the From The Heart Jumbo Popcorn Assortment. Thanks.
Barrie Mac said…
I like the Heart Deco 3-Flavor Popcorn Pail. My mom would love this and the tin is festive for Valentine's Day!
kaflickinger74 said…
I love the From the Heart Popcorn Tins.
Kelly Nicholson said…
i could use a bucket of theses

6-1/2 Gallon Simply Red Pick-A-Flavor Popcorn Tins

dont know if i can eat it all by myself,but im willing to try..
Edye Nicole said…
I like the be my valentine popcorn tins!

polly said…
I like the Love Out Loud Fun Pail
Denise Low said…
I like the heart popcorn tins.
carolwegs said…
I really like the popcorn hearts. I think my son would love them also. Thanks
SueZH said…
I love the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt popcorn. I've ordered from them quite a bit in the past. Great gifts.
SueZH said…
I love their Dark Chocolate Sea Salt popcorn. I've ordered fro Popcorn Facory quite a bit in the past. They make great gifts.
Renee Walters said…
I like their Happy Valentine's Day Snack Assortment!
LauraJJ said…
Oh I also really love the Popcorn Conversation Heart Decorating Kit!
Cheryl Everitt said…
I love the Love Out Loud Snack Assortment.
shirley said…
Also like Deluxe Heart Great Foods Gift Basket.
Margaret Appel said…
Wow, they have a lot of cool stuff to choose from. I loved the From The Heart Suitcase Snack Box. It would make a lovely gift for sending to distant family members.
Jan Lee said…
I like the Opposites Attract Gift Boxes :) Love to have chocolate on Valentine's Day :)
Jeanna Massman said…
I love the Love Out Loud Tower.
Sonya Allstun said…
Love Poems Book Box
Laurie Murley said…
I like the From The Heart Mailbox Snack Box
The sweet clear favorites.
Hannah Chase said…
I like the Love Poems Book Box.
Vikki Billings said…
I also like the Popcorn Conversation Heart Decorating Kit!
Terry Poage said…
I love these cookies. I also love the color of them and they sound easy to make.
Terry Poage said…
Should have paid closer attention to the post. I love the color of these cookies. I also love the pail they come in.

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