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40 Easter Decorating Ideas - 2017

I love decorating my home for any holiday and honestly I should've blogged about decorating a long time ago. But here I am today to give out some fun decorating tips for your home! The best part of Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day is after the holiday is over you can find deep discounts on holiday items. In fact I shopped Targets 90% off sale after Christmas was over and purchased over $300 in Christmas items and candy for only $32. I also shipped this year for Valentines Day items at Dollar General & Walmart after Valentines Day received $42 worth of candy, cards, toys and decorations for $7.50. I ven shopped Easter decorations after Easter was over last year and purchased $270 worth of Easter decorations and basket stuffers for under $25. Aside from all the day below you'll find some fun decorations to decorate your home for Easter. I've even listed my favorites from my favorite store, World Market! Also, Don't forget to score some sweet deals after the holidays are over!

Click the links below too see all the cute decor! 
1. Easter Wreaths

2. Fiber Bunnies W/ Eggs

3. White Wood Pillar Candleholder

4. Easter Entertaining: Dinner Ware & Linens

5. White Natural Fiber Ma and Pa Bunnies Set of 2

6.  Bunny Nutcrackers and Bunny Nutcrackers Set # 2

7.  Bunny Cupcake Kit

8. Wood Easter Egg Garland

9. Personalized Easter Garden Flag & Garden Flag Stand

10. Moss Wildflower Cross

11. Bunny Porch Decoration

12. Customizable Easter Egg Doormat

13. Easter Egg-Patterned Throw

14. Bunny Bunting

15. Chick N' Egg Hot Pads

16. Easter Eggs and Flowers Table Runner

17. Tulip Doormat

18. Bunny or Chick Lawn Spinners

19. Easter Mailbox Magnets

20. Bunny Nightlight

21.Easter Lawn Inflatables

22. Easter Placemats

23. Bunny Mug

24. Girl Bunny With Easter Egg Sign and Egg Hunt This Way Boy Bunny Sign

25. Easter Egg Garland

26. Salt and Peeper Shakers

27. Decorative Easter Chalkboard Plaque

28. Egg Hunt Garland

29. HOP Mason Jar Decorations

30. Terra Cotta Bunnies

31. Bunny Pom Pom Pillow

32. Lawn Peeps Bunny Family

33. Pastel Gold Eggs

34. Watering Can Candle Holder

35. Easter Vinyl Table Cloth

36. Floral Bunny Wall Hanger

37. Ceramic Bunny Tealight Holder

38. Easter Egg Green Bottle Brush Trees 3 count

39. Easter Porch Sign

40. Easter banner, bunny and carrot banner


Julie Wood said…
These are amazing ideas to help me with Easter decorating with the kids. There are so many awesome ideas that I need to do and get ready for Easter!
Barrie Mac said…
I love these ideas to make the house festive for Easter! The Easter bunny cupcakes will definitely be made!
Jackie said…
Thank you for sharing some really cute decorating ideas. I really like the Bunny Hearts Coffee Easter Mug. Would be cute in an Easter basket.
buhrmant said…
Thank you for the great list of ideas. I'm planning to help make some crafts with our 4yr old, so she can gift them to our extended family.

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