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Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Day is May 2nd. Show your teacher or kids teacher you care and thank them for all their hard work! After all, Many teachers do not receive the admiration they deserve. Most teachers are hardworking, dedicated and and educating our youths. Teachers works so hard to make a difference. We need to start thanking them more for all they do!

1. Words can be powerful. Thank them and tell them you appreciate them and the difference they are making. 

2.  Gift them a Restaurant Gift Card.

3.  Print & Have your child finish this template - HERE

4. Tie a ribbon and attach a small thank you card on this cute Apple Cookie cutter HERE

5. Fill this mug with some candies HERE

6. A little thank you note and this heartwarming keychain -  HERE

7. Gift the classroom some supplies. Kleenex, glue sticks, hand sanitizer, crayons, etc 
Trust me teachers will appreciate it. I have donated these items to my kids classrooms it always appreciated and doesn't go unnoticed.

8.  Print these templates HERE and attatch to these Apple Mandarin Soaps HERE 
Photo courtesy of

9.  Print these printable templates 

FREE template 1

FREE template 2

FREE template 3

FREE template 4 - This one is cute you can attatch a $5 Starbucks Gift Card to this one if you want.

10. Create a gift from the heart like this one

Thanking a teacher in your life doesn't have to be costly.


Great ideas that is sure to make any teacher very happy
mimom said…
I usually do an end of year gift for teachers, never thought of teacher appreciation day. These are great ideas, my kids will have fun putting one of these together for their great teachers!
these are some great ideas. I wish I would've had these ideas a few years ago when my daughter was still in elementary.
Deanna Watson said…
Ohmygoodness the flower pot idea is so darn cute. Thanks for the fun ideas. Teachers need to be appreciated more!
Hannah Chase said…
These are some good ideas! I love the flower pot!
Irene Lirette said…
I can make these! :) Love painting and decorating flower pots!
Judy said…
I have not seen this flower pot to give to the teacher. It would be very nice to give to your child's favorite teacher.
Margaret Appel said…
These are wonderful ideas. Teachers need appreciation too! Thanks for all the good ideas, they will come in handy!!
Jennifer Herman said…
These are great ideas. I like the flower pot!
Stacy said…
I love the idea of gifting classroom supplies! So many teachers spend money out of pocket for basic items, I am sure it is greatly appreciated when someone thinks to give those items. I also love the hand sanitizer (because we all know how many germs are in the classroom) and the cute little flowerpots.

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