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Spring Cleaning 101

We all could use easy and simple ways to spring clean, from cleaning the gutters, degunking the sinks and more. It's time to open those windows let the fresh breeze in, pump up the music and get this done.

Spring Cleaning: Baseboard Cleaning 
Yes, they get dirty especially if you kids. I clean mine every few months, definitely not every month. I like using a Magic Eraser to clean the scuff marks and dirt. The Magic Eraser gets the job done!

Spring Cleaning Tip: Disinfect Sponges 
Break out a clean sponge or in my case to disinfect one place a little water in a microwave safe container add the sponge wrapped in a paper towel, Microwave  for 1 minute. 

Spring Cleaning: Floor Cleaning
In my home I have natural hardwood floors & tile throughout my whole home. I clean floors using my Bona Hardwood Floor Mop and Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner. If you, unlike myself, Have carpets. I recommend cleaning with the Bissell Proheat Carpet Cleaner Vacuum, Along with Bissell Professional Deep Cleaning Formula Kit

Spring Cleaning: Organize 
I spend a lot of time getting rid of or donating good non stained clothing and shoes. With 4 kids we are always bound to find a pair of new shoes 1 or all have outgrown, as well as new clothes we bought, forgot about and they can no longer wear. I found some pretty awesome bins, shoe racks and closet organizers at Tidy Living. Shop at Tidy Living to receive 10% off your purchase using code BUSYMOM. 

Spring Cleaning: Drain Cleaning

Toss chemical drainer cleaners aside! Use the Zip it drain cleaner brush, it only takes a few minutes to poke this brush down the sink and everything icky in the drain will come up with it. 

Spring Cleaning: Window Washing
Probably one of my least favorites, I rarely clean my windows and I definitely don't do it as often as I'd like too. Invest in a squeegee, trust me your windows will sparkle and shine. You can get a squeegee for under $3.00 HERE. I like cleaning my windows with Mrs.Myers Lavender Glass Cleaner. Like I've heard before wash the windows on a cloudy day, the sunshine dries the windows way too quickly.

Spring Cleaning: Refrigerator/Stove
Time to empty the shelves, toss anything thats been sitting in there from a few weeks old to a few years old. Remove the Shelves if they're removable and scrub. Scrub the inside of the fridge and outside of the fridge. Dust the coils of the fridge which are located behind the fridge. Soak drip pans and knobs first, it'll make cleaning the stove ten times easier. To make the oven easier to clean in the future line the bottom of the oven with a Non-Stick Oven Liner.

Spring Cleaning Tip: Ditch paper towels. Instead invest in microfiber cleaning clothes. It's better for the environment, less waste, less mess and much easier to use. When wet, They can sanitize floors, walls, countertops, glass and tile.

Spring Cleaning Tip: Lemon Oil
If like myself, if you have a glass shower doors rub Lemon Oil twice a month on the glass of the shower. The water will bead right off. 

There are plenty more Spring Cleaning Tips, What are some of yours?
Do you have any spring cleaning hacks?


lisagee1234 said…
There is only so much cleaning you can do until you figure out it is lipstick on a pig and it would be best to
amy linderman said…
i wash the windows on a gloomy day so they dont streak. i work from left to right on one room at a time with a garbage bag next to me. Amy (Guillaume) Linderman
We need to try your lemon oil tip on the shower door.
April Monty said…
These are fantastic tips and products to help with the dreaded activity of spring cleaning
Julie Waldron said…
Great tips, I use lemon oil on my cupboard doors I never thought of using it on the shower door.
Melissa Craig said…
I used a paste of baking soda and vinegar to clean up the oven
Emily Conway said…
We will be moving into our first house, and I will definitely need to use this as a reference to be more intentional about cleaning

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