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Stay safer with Nucleus Life!

What is Nucleus Life? 

Nucleus Life was founded by Johnathan Frankel, A father to 3 boys, Who wanted a safe and easy way to keep an eye on his boys. Everything Johnathan found was too complicated, too pricey and outdated. From there Nucleus was born. 

What makes Nucleus Home Intercom Systems amazing? 

- Quick and Easy setup. No fuss and no mess. Just plug in and go.

-  Private and Secure. The Nucleus has a shutter cover to 
take the room it's in out of view. 

- Do not disturb. Flip it on to enjoy uninterrupted quiet time.

- Home to Home. Connect with other family members, anywhere in the world. Just connect
your device and their device to easily connect. 

- Download the app on your phone to check on your home from anywhere. 

- Big easy touchscreen buttons

- Always getting smarter. New features update from the cloud automatically, so it just keeps getting better day after day.

- 120 degree angle camera so you can see everyone in the room.

- Auto answer. Users can choose to have their Nucleus devices auto-answer calls. Auto Answer 

is: The device(s) ring and immediately pick up, without any need to press a button or say a command. Shut off autoanswer by tapping the privacy button.

- Amazons very own Alexa can be enabled on the device.

- Device as low as $199. Nucleus works better with more than 1 device. 

What do I think of Nucleus? 

I received 2 complimentary Nucleus devices to install in my home. The devices arrived quickly,
 but not quickly enough because I was super excited to try these out. 
When they arrived, My husband and I each unboxed one. We took everything out and read the manuals. Setting up the Nucleus device with our wifi took less than 3 minutes. We than had to connect both devices so they were synced with each other, this way we could use 1 downstairs and 1 upstairs, This step took no less than 2 minutes. To sync you just need to add the home code in 1 of the devices after registering on the device. Installing took a little more time. We had to find the right place where nucleus could be easily used but also close enough to a power outlet since it needs plugged in. Installing took about 10 minutes each, not too shabby! Hubby and I tested the systems, they worked fantastic! Now came the part of showing my 4 kids how 
to appropriately use Nucleus and of course Alexa. 

One of my favorite features of the Nucleus, Lets be honest it's my daughters favorite feature as well...Alexa. When bath time rolled around that night, I figured I'd try out Alexa and I've never used Alexa a day in my life until I received my Nucleus. Here's how it went "Alexa Play Elmo Splish Splash" instantly Alexa played the song we requested and my daughter was happy and singing along. 

With Auto answer I can check on my kids to be sure they're safe without running up the upstairs every 5 minutes or so, I can listen in on my daughter without the use of a baby monitor or thinking I heard her and having to listen she has night terrors so a huge plus and win for 

What's more important is I can check on my home when I'm out at the grocery store to be sure everything is safe and secure, I can check on my kids when I'm at work, or even video call on the Nucleus when I won't be home on time to say goodnight all from the convenience of my cellphone thanks to the Nucleus app. 

Would I recommend?

I'm highly impressed with everything the Nucleus is able to do. 
I'm not very tech savvy at these types of electronics, Setting up the Nucleus was as incredibly easy. 
Thanks to the Nucleus I've permanently replaced the baby monitor in my daughters room. My family and I are really enjoy the Nucleus, No more yelling up the stairs to get my kiddos to come downstairs for breakfast, homework, school and more!
 I love that I can know the the score to one of the games, check weather, hear my favorite songs, check on my kids whether I'm in or out of the home and stay in with mom who's 1000 miles away. It's a handy unit that your family will be sure to love just as much as my family love ours. 

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ljspongebob501 said…
Thanks for reviewing this product!
Judy Thomas said…
It looks brilliant! I would love to try it.

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