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Funnel Cake Bites Recipe


The original recipe I had the mixture was way to funny and messy too fry with, So I spent some time tweaking the recipe. I must say these Funnel Cake Bites were a HUGE hit in my house!

As you see above I'm cooking 5 Funnel cakes at once. The ones in the photo aren't quite done, but very close. The funnel cakes should be golden like the photos of the cooked funnel cakes above. That's how you'll know they are done.

This is a table spoon I found it much easier to pour in 1 tablespoon each into the hot oil, I was easily able to cook 4-5 mini funnel cakes at once using this method. I tried using a zip lock baggies with the mixture but it wasn't coming out corrrectly into the hot oil.

This recipe makes about 15-20 Funnel Cake Bites. Perfect for parties, BBQ or a yummy snack! 

What's your favorite Carnival/Fair Food??


Darcy Koch said…
These sound yummy. And the ingredients are ones I usually always have on hand. I can eat carnival food at home.
Irene Lirette said…
LOVE funnel cakes!!
Love funnel cake!!! Thanks for the recipe the granddaughters are going to love eating funnel cake and watching a movie with grandmašŸ˜Š
These look totally yummy.

I like cheese pretzels.
Cheryl Everitt said…
Funnel cake is a favorite with grands! Thank you for sharing.
Amie said…
Love this recipe. I have everything on hand already. My family loves funnel cake and now I can do it at home. Thanks so much!
Jerry Marquardt said…
Your special Funnel Cake Bites Recipe looks especially yummy I will be making this over the coming weekend, it looks so delicious.
Kim Avery said…
So glad I changed up in this! Perfect recipe to make tomorrow! Looks super easy too and that's a big plus!
Kim O. said…
this looks sooo good.
Judy said…
These look great. I love going to the fair, just for the funnel cakes. This away you can get as many as you want and not the whole cake!!!!!
Shannon Fowler said…
This looks like so much fun to make! I love funnel cake.
Stella Methvin said…
wow this looke great I only get these at fairs and festivals

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