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6 Pumpkin Foodie Must Haves

Pumpkin Spice Must Haves

Autumn will soon be making her grand entrance, I'm going through my closet digging out boots, over sized chunky sweaters, scarfs,and I love fall. Apple Picking, hay rides, pumpkin picking are my absolute favorite fall activities. With Autumns arrival brands release all the pumpkin spice goodies at us whether it be cookies, teas, coffees, breads you name it, it exists. However all this pumpkin goodness is only seasonal. There are so many Pumpkin Flavored foods & beverages from cheerios, pretzels, Starbucks and more. I've tasted a mass quantity of them and am about ready to turn orange and be ripe for the Picking come October. I've narrowed down my top 6 favorite picks!

 1. Archer Farms Pumpkin Pretzels - From Savory to Sweet its a delicious indulging treat! Not to pumpkiny but very tasty.

 2. World Market Pumpkin Spice Coffee - Nothing says falls than a steaming piping cup of coffee, it's fall so let's spice it up with a piping cozy cup of delicious Pumpkin Spice Coffee, Add a dash of caramel sauce, Or enjoy black or choice of creamer or sugar. Either way it's a piping hot dream to come true. I feature World Market on here a lot, they are hands down my FAVORITE company!

 3. Pepperidge Farms Thick Sliced Pumpkin Bread - Pair this with World MarketsCaramel Apple Butter and Pumpkin spice coffee and you've got your self a tasty breakfast!Im not kidding you have to try this with the caramel apple butter. Not a fan of Caramel Apple? Pair with the Maple Pumpkin Butter or just plain butter works.

 4. M&Ms White Pumpkin - Ok not sure why it says White Pumpkin Pie when there's a photo of orange pumpkin pie on the Packaging, no big deal. But these are delicious. I keep a ziplock bag full in each coat pockets and snack on them throughout the day.

 5. Diamond Bakery Pumpkin Graham Crackers Ok these are actually really good, but you know what makes them super tasty? Crushing them to a fine crumbly dust and making a pumpkin Graham cracker crust for'a delicious caramel pecan pumpkin cheesecake! Ahhhh my mouth is watering already! These ship directly from Hawaii and like all the other pumpkin flavored goods these are only seasonal, but worth the purchase especially if you want to make a pumpkin graham cracker crust.

 6. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte - Bottled. Some say around every corner a Starbucks is there, in my case I live in a small town and I don't have the means to drive 1 hour away to purchase a Starbucks drink at their store. I came across this at Walmart - WARNING I didn't care for it in the state it was sold to me - VERY WARM. However I did try it over Ice and added a tiny teaspoon of milk to it. Very tasty! There you have it 6 Pumpkin Foodie Must Haves. Are you a fan of Pumpkin Spice Food/Beverages? If so, What's your favorite?

This post is not sponsored and Brands mentioned are not affiliated with this post. 


bphelps said…
I love Fall. Fall colors weather and flavors
Barrie Mac said…
So much goodness!!! I'll be looking for the pumpkin spice bread and the M&Ms and I don't think I'll

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