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Vanilla Stuffed Ritz Sandwich Cracker Cookie Recipe

So, This past Thanksgiving I came across a recipe for a peanut butter and marshmallow chocolate coated ritz cracker treats. I was so excited to make these for Thanksgiving. When I combined the marshmallow fluff and peanut butter, it was too firm to my liking and it wasn't even spreadable and very....sticky. My husband and I were contemplating ways to thin out the filling as he didn't care for how stiff it was either.


Then it hit me...

Vanilla extract! I added some in....added some more in...added a teensy tiny bit more in and...


 The mixture was thinned out enough! But did it/does it good? Unquestionably the filling is very delicious. Not only delicious, It also made the filling of these treats much softer and much more spreadable. These were a HUGE favorite at Thanksgiving. You can also make these treats for other Holidays or a just an anytime treat.

Check out the recipe below!



These look yummy! Good job.
Julie Wood said…
This cookie sounds delicious! I want to make it for the Holidays! Thanks for sharing, and it is easy to make!
Sound yummy and easy ❤️😊
gorda361 said…
this looks yummy and sounds delicious
Jessica Cox said…
We make this every year for christmas and make the crackers look like snowflakes, but I have never tried with the marshmallow fluff, which my kids love. I will have to add it this year.
Vikki Billings said…
I think that my grandkids would love these, I am going to make them for Christmas~
I've never thought of turning Ritz crackers into cookie. What a neat idea. I may try this recipe.
Melissa Storms said…
I have been making the peanut butter, chocolate dipped Ritz for years. I am going to have to try this take on it, the filling sounds delicious.
MichelleCat said…
What a fun twist! I have done the Ritz as part of a casserole and with peanut butter similar to this. I really like your take on this and will definitely be trying this. Thanks!
Brenda Haines said…
This sounds so good! I have a friend who make Ritz Rolos. They are really good!
mary gardner said…
These look great! I think my peanut butter loving kids would gobble these up. Thanks for sharing!
tat2gurlzrock said…
These look really good and I bet they are delicious! Thanks for the recipe! I pinned!

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